• What is lock re keying?
    Lock re-keying is a process that allows you to keep your current locks while no longer allowing your old keys to work this process can save you time and money and its important that re key will be preform by professional locksmith.
  • How car key work?
    Every car key have his on unique cut for say Toyota have 10 cuts with 4 different depth ford have 8 cuts with 5 depth unique cut key this is the first security of the vehicle after it come the immobilizer system that can read what chip the key have and if its the right one and its programmed to the computer the car start.
  • what the different between expansive locks and cheap one ?
    On expansive locks you have longer warranty because they prove themselves in pick lock test, drill tests the cheap one its good only if you need lock on your house for few days for the long turn you need good lock that can keep the bad guys out.
  • why most locksmiths don’t do foreign car keys ?
    To do foreign car keys lets say BMW its need special knowledge and tools any other car u program the chip to the car in foreign cars you need to coded the key and then learn it to the car its sound easy but its not in Leon locksmith we took the time and money to make sure we can do them all.
  • If I lost my car keys can you make me new one?
    Yes we can there is 2 option how to make car key from scratch or to take apart the lock and cut the new car key by the door lock or to send the vin number to the dealer and get all the car key info from them. Most locksmith will take the lock apart or from the door or from the trunk and cut your new car key from there most car keys need to be program to the car.